Celebrating the Positive Impact of Inclusive Leadership

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Taking on the World, One Conversation at a Time

and we invite you to participate with us in shifting work cultures and communities into more inclusive, diverse, compassionate, playful environments. Together we can focus on preparing  the next generation of leaders and foster the well-being of those that choose to lead so that they may realize a more abundant life both in their professional careers and personal endeavors.

Join us as we continue to lift others to climb! Through our leadership programs and forums we provoke engaging conversations between all genders. The impact is ushering in  higher and healthier vibrations and consistently higher productions inside organizations across the country.

Encouraging a better way,

BJ Davis– Director of Programs – Lead Facilitator


To educate, inspire, and model the positive impact of inclusive leadership so that individuals inside of organizations and communities can enjoy a higher more satisfying level of personal enjoyment and fulfillment. This, we believe, creates stronger more durable environments where everyone, upon choosing, can thrive!

On Impact

From the beginning we have believed that social impact found in inclusive leadership, together with communities and organizations willing to make this paradigm shift, will endure long past economic uncertainties or market trends.