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“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch

Becoming a Global Leader

There is no way around the global world around us; we have become global citizens overnight. With the speed of technology, news beams into us around the clock, and we can get overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of reports around the world.

Most businesses have global footprints, whether it is in their supply chain or in the way they source their work. Leading globally is something we all will face in our careers.

Here are some tips as you lead in a global world:

  1. Take time to understand the culture, customers, and nuances of the people you are contracting or working with. When you work to understand them, there is a massive payoff in global partnerships.
  2. Don’t assume that they will become Americanized. To embrace diversity, bring their best thinking into your business.
  3. Create boundaries on time. You’re working in different time zones, so you need clarity on when you will overlap for business calls. No one can sustain a 24 hr clock.
  4. Clarify. Build trust and listen some more. Different cultures have different communication styles. Work hard to ensure all parties are getting the insight they need to get a win/win for success.
  5. Open yourself to trial and error. Global relationships evolve over time. Patience in the evolution is critical.

Final Thoughts

The world is changing at a faster speed than ever before. Having a broader outlook as we evolve into more emerging global markets is imperative if you are to continue developing your professional skills and aptitude. Learn ways to be more diverse and adaptive to others. Your future success might just depend on it!

Explore other cultures, be open to learning and clarify expectations and your global experience will be rewarding and fulfilling.

Shine Brightly!


Samantha Johnson, Lead Writer and Organizational Strategist for BJD Leadership Training & Team Development. January 2019. Views her own.