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Why Do Men? Why Do Women? Forums. Workshops.

Our signature forums and programs reinforce your organization’s mission to practice inclusive and diverse leadership across all platforms!  A game changer for clients looking to dissolve biases and barriers between all genders. We can help you build higher levels of trust within your work cultures that encourages respect for new thoughts and ideas through these fun, high energy, everyone has a voice events!  Our Conflict Resolution sessions are powerful “add-ons” to this program!

60 Minute. 90 Minute. or Half  Day Programs

Walk The Walk – Owning Your Personal Empowerment

Finding clarity in a busy noisy world is not always easy.  Taking a deeper look inside to make sure you are on the path, your path, and that you are deliberately creating what you want out of your life has never been more crucial than in today”s robust distracting world! This workshop helps participants find greater clarity and focus towards full realization of personal happiness, purpose and power.

90 Minute Program.             45 Minute Keynote. 

Got Play? The Fastest Way To Engage and Strenghten Your Team is Through Creative, Inclusive Programs that Foster Play!

17 years of engaging audiences has taught us one crucial truth! Play is the order of the day! Play doesn’t mean goofing off.  Play means all hands in. Everybody is included! Every idea and thought can be shared. We know that the solution to any problem you are experiencing is in the room!  Your team will take you further than you thought possible once they truly know they are included in the Play! 

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